A heartwarming story about two abondened visionless kittens who lead each other everywhere they go and whatever they do


The time the kind hearted woman noticed two tiny cats outdoors in the yard, she saw that the kittens were wholly indivisible.

They ate very little and the time they began to feed the kittens she understood that there was something very unique about twin kittens.

The two kittens were named Isaac and Stevie. They both had eye problems and that is why the kittens were taken to animal clinic. They were examined there by a vet. They had this inborn defect. They were both blind.

In spite of this defect the two kittens were so sociable and playful the time they came to the animal clinic. Beacuse of the eye deformality they could even have an infection.

Luckily, Isaac’s one nice eye was protected but the deformated eye was moved.They cured very quickly as they were looked after and taken care of carefully. They were just playing 24 hours after the surgery.

Unluckily, Steve did not completely see, that is why the other cat named Isaac leads him everywhere he goes. If the dog does not concetrate how to orientate he calls Isaac for support. He is by his side almost every time.

After one year the kittens have already a forever home and are looked after and loved by their new family members.

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