A cat spent all her life in a birdcage, luckily he is adopted by a lovely family


A cat spent all his life in the cage for birds. A rescue organization got a phone call about this incident that the cat was left abandoned outdoors. The members of rescue team came to the place immediately.

The time the rescuers saw the cute kitten they were shocked to see him all in fleas and dirt. There was no clean place for the cat in the birdcage. The cat was in a horrible state.

The rescuers took the cat to the animal clinic. They washed the kitten and took away all the fleas. After short time the kitten was fed and taken care of.

But the cat had difficulties connected with moving as he was not used to going away. He was left in the birdcage and this made him feel very shy. Unluckily he had several infections but he was properly cured there. The cat was named Holly.

The cat Holly was adopted by  a lovely family. He is adopted for already 4 years. He is true friend ans nice partner for his family.

He is enjoying his life and is loved and taken care of carefully. He deserves to be happy as he has lived such a rude and dirty life locked in a birdcage.

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