After the rude owners left the six dogs outdoors, the dogs suffered from a serious illness losing thier hair on thier skin


The time the manager of Detroit Dog rescue company Kristina Rinaldi went to take six dogs from a dog shelter she was surprised.

The six dog were left in a shlter in Michigan. They did not have hair and were of a ponk colour.

They also had injuries. The dog had also fever as their temperature was very high. The dogs had a skin disease. They had an illness called mange.

The puppies were taken to an animal clinic. The vets could not save the two dogs but only the four dogs were rescued.

The rest four puppies stayed in an animal clinic for 12 weeks to be complete cured. They were dressed in babies clothes. Their fur grew up and they became healthy.

Luckily due to the vets the puppies were rescued and adopted by loving families. They have forever homes as they are loved and taken care of.

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