A true guardian angel. A brave husky rescues his owner’s life who unfortunately had a terrible incident while skiing


Dogs are always there to help the people who need their help. This story is about a husky whose quick actions saved the man’s life who was a skier.

The skier named Leonard Somers had a unluckily terrible incident while skiing. He was skiing in Colorado when he fell down and had an injure.

The dog was named Juneau. The dog was only five years old.Luckily his dog was were in time. The dog warmed up the man, pulling him out the snow.

The man could not even move. He was stuck in snow. The man came bumped into a dead and frozen tree.

The dog was lying on the man’s body for already 45 minutes. After 45 minutes skiiers were passing and they gave hand to the skier.

Unfortunately the man is paralyzed now because of damaged spinal columm. This is thanks to this loyal dog that the skier got a second chance to live.

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