Video. You will be surprised to know why the elephant digged out the hole for already 11 hours


An elephant was waiting desperately near a well. The elephant was crying for help.

Unfortunately the calf  slided into the muddy well and was stuck badly.

Mother elephant tried to get out her precious calf. He did everything possible until men arrived to the place.

Mother elephant waited for 11 hours near the well. The elephant used his trunk and feet to pull the cute baby elephant out  from the well.

Unfortunately this was useless. The mother elephant excitedly did something that made the sitauation worse.

The people living in neighborhood heard the screams of the mother elephant and came quickly to see what happened.

They did their best and pulled out the calf.The people brought banana truck so that the elephant came away.

When the elephant came a little bit farther they moved the heap of the sand which was an obstacle for the rescue.

After removing the conditions became better.This worked as the elephant pulled out with her tunk her baby.

After some time the elephant were walking happily and approached their trunks to each other. They looked very cheerful.

Here is the video:

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