Video. A mother duck does not stop quacking and crying for help to the passerbies as her ducklings were trapped in a grate drain


Mother duck was anxious as her babies needed saving. All mothers are the same. They always become worried about their babies.

She did everything to rescue her ducklings who were trapped.It rained heavily. The flood took her ducklings.

The ducklings appeared in a drain and the mother duck was in a hopeless state not knowing what to do.

She cried for help. A good man gave hand to this mother duck noticing her in an desperate state.

The man wanted to help and as he saw the ducklings in this state. She called a rescue team. They came immediately.

They removed the ducklings from the drain. Now the mother duck and her ducklings are reunited again. The scene was so heartwarming.

Here is the video:

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