The most touching goodbye story between a devoted stray dog and a teacher


There is no pain compared with the loss of your loved ones. The animals suffer most of all losing their human friends. They do not believe what happens around them.

The dog named Buboy suffered badly after the loss of the special man for him. He was a teacher. He was a Professor whose name was Carmelito Marcelo.

The man used to look after the stray dog and give food every day. The dog became a true friend for the professor.

The dog used to come and stand near the classroom and wait for his friend. The students saw the sad dog and decided to take the dog to church were the professor’s body was laid to rest.

The proffesor had been very attentive to the dog for two years. He did not leave him behind even he did not have a chance to adopt the dog.

The teacher died at the age of 58. He had a stroke and left all his friends as well as his furry friend Buboy shocked and alone.

The scene was very touching how the dog said his last farewell to the man. The students promised to find a forever home for the dog in despair.

They won’t leave the dog in such desperate state. Rest in peace, Carmelito Marcelo.

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