Owners of this dog waste much money on understanding the dog’s odd nose habit
A couple adopted a dog from a farm. As they went to the farm the dog was the first whom the couple fell in love with. The cute dog is Leo.
A cute owl got injured and was lying on the ground hopelessly
A damaged owl was rescued on highway due to a passerby. Unluckily, the wing of the owl was injured because of a car incident. The policemen just seeing
A malnourished and badly treated dog was rescued after being chained in muddy puddle for five years
A dog was seen after being malnourished and living in horrible conditions for already five years. The poor dog was not fed properly.  
True friendship between two dogs. A loyal dog guarded for his friend dog for a week who fell into a cistern
Two dogs were lost as the owner’s house front door was not closed. One of the dog’s name is Tillie. The other dog’s name is Phoebe.