Video. The frightened dog is noticed shivering really hard that makes the rescuers cry


A dog was abondened by his owners. He was fearing as he was left alone. He even refused to eat when neighbours suggested something to eat.

The dog was so sad. The neighbours said that the dog was left under the stairs for already three months. The dog was in despair. The dog is very thirsty, too.

When the rescuers approached him. He was shivering from fear. The dog was named Alson.He felt cold.

As the dog was starving from hunger the rescuers were able to convince him by the help food to come with them. The dog was shivering so hard that the rescuers eyes were full of tears.

They felt sorry for the hopeless dog. Luckily, the staff of the rescue team were able to regain his faith towards people.

Here is the video of the dog:

Now he is in the animal shelter. He gets all the love and care he deserves. He will soon be put for adoption. He will have a forever home very soon.

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