The two devoted dogs did not leave their owner’ side when he was ill. The ambulance staff members made a decision to bring the dogs along in an ambulance car


The faithfulness and devotion of dogs is seen in every example of such kind of stories. They are so devoted to their owners.

They never leave their owners in difficult situations. They are always beside their human friends.

This story is about two dogs Bob and Chiara who refused to leave their owner’s side when the ambulance arrived.

The man was named Jose  Antonio Pereiera. The owner was taken to hospital as he had convulsions.

When the ambulance came the dogs did not let the nursing technician come near. It was as if they were protecting the man.

When the man was taken by the ambulance car the dogs entered the ambulance car. They did not leave their owner.

The dogs did not abandon their owner all the time. The staff of ambulance agreed to take the dogs as the dogs would ran after the ambulance car and get damaged.

The dogs were waiting near the emergency room. The dogs were waiting for their owner. The man was examined and the next day was discharged. Now they are together. The technicians added they are humans and they could not let the dogs in such state, that is why they let the dogs come with them.

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