A man was crying when he saw his labrador again after losing him for two weeks


A woman entered a store and asked the man look after and take the dog for a walk. The dog was named Boots.

The owner of the dog gave permission to take his dog for a walk as the woman did so several times. The man did not even hesitate and gave the dog.

The dog did not come back as the woman took her to the park and the dog got lost.

Jimmy Nicholos the owner of a dog asked the people who saw the dog inform him and the person would get a reward 10.000 dollars.

The Start rescue team spread photos of the dog. The owner of a dog hired a local investigator to find the dog. They worked all day long to find the dog.

He thanked all the people who helped. The dog was found. The dog and the man reunited at the police station. The dog and his owner are happy now as they are together again.

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