The amputated dog helped a tiny boy with rare genetic state to overcome his fear of going outdoors


A boy named Owen is seven years old. The boy had a difficulty when he talked to other children. He was anxious knowing that he is different from others. The boy has a genetic health problem.

His father adopted a dog named Haatchi. He is of Anatolian Shepherd. The dog lost his leg because of being tied to a railway line.

The dog is amputated. The dog had serious damages.

From the time of adoption the dog and the boy are devoted friends and never leave each other’s side.

The boy was afraid of going outdoors as he had a complex as he thought he is different from other. Thanks to the dog he overcame this complex.

The boy loves to take the dog Haatchi for dog shows. They can be seen walking together in the streets as inseperable close friends. The dog gave a new meaning to the boy’s life.

The boy has a serious illness and suffers from having tense muscles because of Schwartz-Jampel syndrome. The two help each in every difficulty they face.

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