A disabled man climbs out of his wheelchair and risks his life to rescue a kitty stuck in a storm drain


This story is about a disabled man who rescued the life of the kitten stuck in a storm drain.

The man named Mujtahid who is an paralympic athlet did this heroic act. He is 30 years old.

The kitty was holding from the barrier. The man thought that he should act quickly to save the kitty.

He jumped from the wheelchair and scrambled down on the bank to come to the hopeless and drawning kitty.

His friend was with him and filmed the scene he also came down and tried to get out the kitty.

The kitty seemed to be far away the man changed his place with difficulty and could hardly grab the kitty.

The cat is rescued and he climbs on the grass happily. The cat ran to his house. Due to this man the cat lives his life happily. This man is a true hero.

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