This man spends his life saving senior dogs and giving them home


A man spends his all life saving senior dogs who have difficulty in findimg homes.This man named Steve Greig felt very sad when his favourite dog passed away.

From the time the dog died he made a desicion to change his life to overcome his grief.

He just decided to do a good thing. He adopted dogs that were not adopted from shelters. He gave a home for the dogs which were senior and had also health problems.

These dogs were the ones who were at least possible to be adopted by other people.He has already 10 dogs.

The man gets up at five o’clock to make breakfast for the puppies. Then there is a special time for the vet.

It takes very long time to make breakfast for the dogs as every dog has a diet. He also takes the dogs for a walk.

He feels happy that these elder dogs are loved and taken care of. This makes his day feel worthwhile.

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