A cyclist rescues a tiny kitten and the kitten goes on kissing him as a sign of gratitude


A cyclist from Brazilia named Viitor Fonseca went for every day ride. Suddenly he saw a small creature. This was  a lost and hopeless kitten.

His heart melt when he saw the sweet hopeless cat and made a desicion to take the kitten with him.

As the cyclist did not have a bag to put the kitten in he put the small cute kitten in his shirt.

The kitten felt safe and protected inside the man’s shirt. The kitten gave kisses as a sign of gratitude to the man.

Viitor is happy as he rescued this creature. Luckily, he could even find a forever home for him near the place where he lives.

He thinks the kitten will never forget him. The tiny kitten gave a big smile to the cyclist. This was really an adventure to be remembered by both of them.

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