The strong man kisses and hugs to his 14 years old dog who passes away after some seconds.


The owner of the dog said goodbye to his dog. The dog was already 14 years old. The man’s eyes were full of tears.

The man hugged the dog and the dog passed away after some time. The scene was as if the man begged not to abandon him.

The man suffered from deep grief and sorrow. The dog had lived with him since the dog was a tiny puppy.

The dog was another son for him. The vet had to give medicine so that the dog slept forever.

The man began to cry and hug as if wanting to bring the dead dog back to life.

The man thanked the dog and could hardly say good-bye to his four-legged friend. He wished that these last moments lasted forever. He did not want to realize that he lost his furry friend.

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