True and loyal friend. A devoted dog does not leave her owner’s side even after rescueing her life


A faithful and true friend dog does not want to leave her owner’s side. The dog is named Ruby.

The dog is not only a service dog, but also devoted friend for her owner named Shauna Darcy.

The woman adopted the dog as she thought the dog would help to struggle against anxiety. The dog and the woman had a strong and tight bond.

Thr dog Ruby helped the woman very much. The dog had her daily routine. She always helped the woman when needed. The woman suffers from rare heart condition.

When the woman passed out the dog licks her hands and face until everything became good.

One day the dog was very worried and made the woman call the ambulance. After calling the ambulance the woman felt bad and became conscious.

Due to this dog’s instinct the woman is rescued. and the dog is so loyal that he does not leave his owner’s side even at hospital. The woman would not be alive without his special friend.

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