The homeless man sleeps outdoors with his dog in his arms. The dog is a guardian angel without wings for the homeless man


There are many pictures in the social media that show interesting and very funny things. But there are less pictures that depict educative and satisfying things.

The true values of life are sh own in some pictures that make people think about real and sincere emotions.

This story is about a picture shot by a photographer. The picture shows real and frank relations between a homeless man and a dog.

The homeless man hugs the dog and the dog does not leave his side.The picture shows the affection of the two friends and the light of hope.

The picture presents poverty but it also represents affection between the man and the dog lying peacefully. They will never feel alone as they have each other.

The dog is like a guardian angel. The man does not feel lonliness as he has a four-legged loyal and devoted friend.

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