The elephant and her devoted friend dog stayed indivisible until the final breath of the elephant


BLES sanctuary is a home for retired and saved animals.The sanctuary is named Boon Lott. This a name of a baby elephant and the name means survivor.

The elephant named Boon Thong was an elderly elephant which was taking her last breath.

The elephant did not have any elephant friends by her side  but she had people who loved and took care of him.

The elephant had also a devoted friend who was a dog. The dog was named Pancake.

The dog and the elephant had a tight bond and were tightly connected. Their friendship was irreplaceable.

The dog was brought to the sanctuary as he was wandering in the streets of Thai. The dog was always by the elephant’s side even when the elephant took her final breath.

The elephant was in her 60s she suffered very much before being rescued 5 years ago. The elephant took passengers for already 30 years. He had health problems.

Her back was deformed and had a blind eye, her ears were ripped. Katherine Connor the founder of the sanctuary and the dog stayed by the elephants side till the final moments of the elephant.

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