The two cute kittens do not stop hugging the police officer who saved their lives


Two cute and tiny kittens adore hugging the police officer who rescued her. There are nearly 70 million unsheltered cats in the US.

Many of the stray kittens are taken to animal shelters, but there are many kittens who wait to be saved.

Two police officers were driving to a place where shoplifting happened. On their way to Texas a woman asked them for  help.

She said that there were two stray kittens under her car. The police officer whose name is Adkins pulled them out very attentively without hurting the kittens.

The kittens did not let the officer go without them and cuddled the officer. The kittens were taken to a vet. They were examined there. It turned out that they were six weeks old and very healthy.

The officer decided to adopt the kittens and named them Max and TJ. The officer fed the kittens with a bottle. He himself did not want to leave the cute creatures.

The kittens chose the officer as a person to look after them. The kittens make the officer’s day.

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