A stray cat goes after a man and does not leave him until he decides to adopt him


Basil Awkan likes to spend his day in the cafes. He always takes his laptop with him. He and his girlfriend just like to spend their time outside.

Two stray kittens also like to sleep in the cafe protecting themselves from hot and cold weather under the tables and chairs of the cafe.

These two kittens always waited Awkan and his girlfriend as they used to feed them with everything that they ordered.

The kittens were under tables and chairs looking forward to food and cudddles. One of the kittens was named Sophie.This kitten named Sophie was connected with Awkan.

The kitten came after the man for already four months.The kitten came after Awkan and wanted to go home with him.

The man took the kitten and her sister kitten was taken by his girlfriend. They just could not leave the cute kittens in this hopeless state.

The kitten makes Awkan’s day.  The kitten is very active and playful. Awkan is very happy that the kitten lives with him.  Awkan is glad that the kitten chose him as a dad to look after and take care of him.

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