A heart-touching video. The dog walking in the local park suddenly remembers her trainer sitting on the bench whom she had not seen for a long time
A cute poodle named Rave is a very friendly dog. She likes greeting the passerbies. Her owner whose name is Kim Carino took the dog for training. Carino’
A kind-hearted man left his car at the gas station, a dog jumped into the car and wanted to be hugged
A kind man who stopped his car at the gas station found a cute canine in the car later. The dog could enter the car as the owner of the car left the doors
The owner of the dog painted the fence for her nosy bulldog. The scene is rather funny as the dog looks like a Jester or a King
A dog named Bogart has a habbit of poking his head out of their garden fence. The dog is a breed of English Bulldog. The dog is four years old.