A heart-touching video. The dog walking in the local park suddenly remembers her trainer sitting on the bench whom she had not seen for a long time


A cute poodle named Rave is a very friendly dog. She likes greeting the passerbies. Her owner whose name is Kim Carino took the dog for training.

Carino’s friend had a good experience as a trainer. The dog was taken to a training once a week in the park. The dog was trained in summer.

The dog became connected with her trainer. She really could find her best self by this training. Rave loved her trainer very much.

It was already 10 months since the dog had not seen her trainer. The owner and the trainer decided to make a surprise for the puppy.

They made a desicion to meet in the local park where the dog used to be trained. The trainer just sat on the banch silently to see whether the dog recognized him or not.

When the owner of the dog and the dog passed near the banch where the trainer was sitting the dog smelled the man and immediately recognized him.

The scene was heartmelting. The dog jumped on the man and hugged him tightly. It was obvious the dog missed his friend. It was a very happy day for Rave.

The trainer is a special friend for the smart poodle. They will meet frequently soon as they both just adore each other and their bond is very tight.

Here is the heart touching video:

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