A little boy with unique eyes and lips found a perfect companion for him


This is a story about a boy who lives in Oklahoma. The boy is the youngest son of the family. The boy’s name is Madden. He is 7 years old.

He was born with complete heterochromia iridium and both cleft lips. This a unique case as only 1% of population has a complete heterocromia iridium and clept lips are also very rare.

Heterochromia iridum means that a person has two different colour of eyes.The mother of the boy saw a picture of the kitten in the social media who has the same inborn clept lips and
heterochromia iridium. The kitten was rescued.

The woman drove from Oklahoma to Minnesota to adopt the kitty. All his friends and relatives helped the woman to reach  the  sweet kitty.

The boy named the kitty Moon. The boy and the kitty are best friends now. The cat makes the boy understand that he is not alone with this unique appearance.

They were both destined to be each other’s side. This is a miracle for the boy to find such true friend. They both are wonders. They are so cute together. The kitten makes the day of the boy brighter.

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