A police officer finds a kitten under his car and makes a decision to adopt the cute kitten


This story is about a police officer who adores animals. The name of the officer is McDermott.

Once when he was doing his duty he noticed a small kitten under his car. The man rescued the little cute kitten and his family became bigger. He had already 2 cats and 2 dogs as well as 2 snakes.

The police officer did not even understand that the cat would become his true friend. The man had difficulty to get the tiny kitten out.

He tried to get the cute kitten under the car treating with chesse. Luckily, this worked out. The taste of the cheese attracted the kitten.The kitten jumped into his car and did not want to leave him.

The officer could not leave the kitten and made a desicion to adopt him. The kitten was named Banshee.

The kitten has a lovely forever home. He is taken care of and loved. The kitten has a strong bond with the officer. Now the rescued tiny kitten is the first kitten at the Metro Police Department in Louisville.

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