A kind-hearted owner of the cat helps her disabled cat to travel around with her by carrying the cat in the special clear plastic backpack with air holes


There are many animals who need special care. They have difficulty connected with moving. Luckily, they have good owners who do everything to turn the life of their pets for the better.

This story is about a cat named Sarge. The cat had a health problem called cerebellar hypoplasia. This illness does not let the cat walk. This health problem is an inborn problem.

The owner of the cat wanted to take the cat with him everywhere she goes so that the cat sees the world.

The woman saw a backpack with holes and ordered that bag for her cat. She understood this is a means to take her cat with her everywhere. The backpack was very comfortable for the cat.

From this time on the cat sees the world around her. She goes to the beach, restaurant even to the local market with her owner.

The cat likes the attention that she gets from people. Thanks to this woman whose name is Michelle the cat travels and sees the world. The cat is so sweet and cute.

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