An emotional scene. A tiny dog is very happy to be reunited with her owner in the hospital


A woman whose name is Maria Eduarda was diagnosed having a cancer. She  had to spend her days in the hospital in order to be cured there.

This was rather difficult time for the woman as well as for her beloved dog.The name of the dog is Amora. The dog and the woman missed each other very much. Eduarda’s mother and her doctor decided to make a surprise for the daughter.

She brought the cute dog to the hospital to visit Eduarda. They had not met each other for already a month. The scene how they reunited was heart touching.


The dog jumped into her arms and made noises. The dog wagged his tail as a sign of happimess. It was obvious they were inseperable and had tight bond.

The visit of the dog gave spirit to the woman to be cured soon. After some time the woman was at home but continued her treatment.

The dog helped her so much to overcome every obstacle during her treatment. The dog made her day easier. The dog is always by her side and never leaves her alone. The dog behaves as if she understands the feelings of her owner.

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