Video. A sweet and smart golden retriever clearly shows that he can not be tricked when visiting the veterinarian


A Golden Retriever knows where he goes that is why he behaves so. In general  dogs  like to jump into a car and go to a park for a walk.

In this story the cute retriever whose name is Lord Cartier is shocked every time he goes to a vet. Even the owners did not tell him about going to a vet he just guessed.

His reaction changed very quickly. He did not know what to do. The dog is very smart and can not be easily fooled. Everywhere he is taken to he understands from the road.

The dog even did not want to move from the car seat. The dog did not want to go to the vet and his owner tried to pull him out of the car gently.

The sweet dog resisted a little bit but his owner tried to take him to a vet. We hope everything will be good and the dog won’t have to go to the vet frequently.

Here is the video of the reaction of the dog which understood where he visited:

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