A cute tiny dog is very happy that his owner built him a fence window


This story is about a dog named Harry. The tiny dog discovered his new habbit. The dog likes to look out of the backyard fence.

Unluckily, the fence pickets were rather close and she could not look out of it. A storm happened and the fence broke down.

The family built a fence convenient for the dog. The fence had a window through which the dog watched the world pass by.

The dog really enjoyed looking out of the gaps. The dog does not have any difficulty to stare out now.

When the owner of the dog rebuilt the fence the dog was thrilled and looked forward to the finish of the work.

He is fond of sitting there and greeting people and dogs who pass by. The dog has a cute smile on her face. The family is happy that their dog favourite pastime is so enjoyable for him.

The dog is always in the centre of attention and the dog feels all the love and care that is given to him.

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