True friendship. A faithful dog waits for his ill owner at the front gate of their house for already two months to return home


A faithful dog waited for his owner to return who fell sick. The dog waited for two months and did not move from the front gate. The dog’s name is Billy. Billy misses his owner very much. He is looking forward to seeing his owner.

The dog and the man have a strong bond. The owner of the dog fell ill. He fell ill with coronovirus and was taken to the hospital.

The man’s name is Marco Maiolani. He is 55 years old. The grandchildren of Marco persuade the cute and loyal dog to come home. The dog only agrees to come home in the evening.

The man struggled for his life and got strength only knowing that he will meet his dog soon. Marco knew how the dog waited for him impatiently.

The family does everything for the dog. They console him and make him believe that he will soon see his owner.

He shows that he understands what they tell him. He still waits for meeting his friend and hugging him tightly.

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