A cute video. A white german shepherd adopts a baby goat and looks after her as her own puppy


This is a story about a german shepherd and a baby goat. The name of the dog is Shadow. The dog is so cute and gentle to the baby goat.

In general german shepherds are popular for their kindness and ability to protect people and animals in need of help.

The family adopted the cute baby goat. Shadow cares about the baby goat who did not have a mother. The baby goat spends her day with the white german shpeherd.

The dog cares about the baby goat every day. The baby goat likes to sit near the belly of the German shepherd. The baby goat rests and warms up here. The dog cares about the baby goat as her own puppy.

Shadow is always attentive to the pygmy goat and never leaves the animal behind.  The dog licks and gives kisses to the baby goat.

Here is the cute video of these different types of animals:

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