A 102 years old woman found a great companion and she fell in love with the cat as she held her in her arms


This story is about an old woman whose name is Iona and a cat named Edward. An old woman lost her kitten whom she had looked after for 10 years. The woman wanted a to adopt a cat to fullfill her day and overcome the loss of her cat.

After some time her son took her to the shelter to choose a cat for adoption. The 102 years old woman fell in love with the cat she met first.

The cat’s name was Edward. The cat liked the woman and cuddled with her so softly. It was as if both of them knew each other for a long period of time.

The cat was two years old and was never adopted. The old woman suggested her a forever home.

As the woman hugged the cat she felt that she hugged her previous cat that unluckily passed away. The cat liked to cuddle on the old woman’s shoulder.

The cat made the days of the woman brighter. The woman had kept different cats all her life. They both live their life happily together. The cat helped her to overcome every stressful problem. They have such a tight bond now.

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