Two cute kittens warmed the third kitten by hugging her tightly in the cold, but very soon they were rescued and had a foster mother


A girl whose name is Megan Sorbar noticed three kittens hugging each other. They held each other so tightly.

The girl looked for their mother nearby but useless. After much effort not finding the kittens the girl decided to come closer and see what was going on.

She made a decision to take the kittens home. She thought that nobody would care about them and they will be left all alone.

She saw that the kittens hugged the third kitten who was left in a hopeless state without any chance of being able to walk.

The girl went to buy an ice-cream that is why she named the kittens in this way. One was named Pistachio, the other Coconut and the third was named Praline.

As she took the kittens home she washed them and fed them properly. The girl had already a dog. The dog was named Bisti.

The dog became a foster mother for the kittens. The dog got along with the kittens very well. The state of the weak kitten got better thanks to the good care and love she got from the girl.

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