Video. An emotional scene. A stray pregnant dog can not conceal her happiness after being rescued


A dog  in a poor state was rescued. The dog was pregnant and she became very happy when she was rescued.

The scene is so emotional. The dog was taken by kind hearted people. She was seen when the couple was having lunch. The couple noticed the dog several times.

The wife fed the dog and gained her trust and after some time they could take the dog and put the dog into the car.

The mother dog was very heavy as she was pregnant. The couple just could not leave the dog behind.

The hopeless dog became happier after she recognized she was rescued. The dog could not conceal her happiness when she felt safe and rescued. The dog began to cry showing her happiness.

The dog was named Poppy. The dog was taken to a vet where she was cured and taken care of carefully. This dog loves to be loved. She gets all the love and care she deserves. Thanks to this kind couple the dog will give birth to her puppies and have a happy future.

Here is the emotional scene:

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