A heart touching video. An abandoned dog with sad eyes became very happy when she understood that she was finally rescued


A dog left in the streets had sad eyes full of sorrow. The dog felt neglected and worthless.

But when a rescuer came near the dog, the dog  felt safety and the feeling of being rescued finally.

When the little dog understood that she is rescued he became very lively and wagged her tail as a sign of joy.

Unluckily, the brother of the dog was hit by a car and that is why passed out. The dog was seen griving here.

Both dogs did not have a collar and it became obvious that the dogs were abandoned. First, the poor dog was given water and food.

Then the rescuer grabbed the dog in his arms. The dog felt the warmth and licked the man. The little dog was named Nina and she lives happily as well as safe and sound now. It is clear the dog will have a bright future.

The dog is seven months old and gets along with another dog in the house very well. She became best friends with him.

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