This devoted dog goes to the store to buy breakfast for his beloved grandmother for already 10 years


This is a touching and such an emotional story about true devotion of a dog. The dog was rescued by a grandmother 10 years ago.

The dog deserves praising as he knows how to give back the answer to the good deed that once the old woman did for him.

The dog was left by his owner when he was a little puppy. The woman adopted him and they became true and devoted friends from this time on. The dog lived a happy life with the woman and they used to go outdoors together.

The woman even took the dog to the store with her. Unluckily, one day the woman fell and could not go to the store. The dog already knew the way to the store.

The dog went to the store to buy food for his owner for already 10 years. The dog did not leave the woman without breakfast. He does this with pleasure.

The dog insists on going and bringing somethimg for his owner to eat. This dog is such a loyal friend to the woman. The dog could not leave the old woman stay hungry.

The dog adores his owner and does not leave her side for already 10 years. The dog repays all the good things that the woman did for him.

This dog is a thankful and loyal dog. The dog has become older but he does not care he still continues to do everything for the good woman.

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