Video. An abandoned hopeless puppy was rescued and joined explorers who were on an adventurous 1,287 kilometres cycling journey


Cedar Wright and Alex Honnold went on an expedition. They had an adventurous journey cycling for about 1,287 kilometres.

The man heard a voice coming from the bushes. The man heard something strange, a dog was whimpering behind the bushes.

There was a cute dog left abandoned in the desert. The tiny puppy hid from the wind and looked scared.

Somebody left the dog there in the hopeless state without food or water. They took the dog with them and named the dog Sufferpup. They gave the dog this name as they found him in the “Sufferfest 2.”

They both were duo fond of adventures but they became trio as the dog became a new member during their adventurous journey.

After the journey the dog was adopted by the friends of Wright and Honnold. The dog lives happily now. The dog eats organic food for dogs.

Here is the video:

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