A family hears a strange sound coming from rain gutters and finds out somebody hiding there


A family was at home when they heard a strange noise coming from a rain gutter.The family members looked out the bedroom window and saw the pregnant car was just giving birth her kittens in the rain in the gutters.

Thr family knew that had to act fast to rescue the mother cat and her kittens. First they saved two kittens bringing them home.

They immediately called fire service and RSPCA to come to help. The kitten gave birth to five kittens.

Each of them were rescued and picked up from the dangerous situation and brought to safety.

The mother was not aggresive as she understood that she and her kittens are just being rescued. Luckily, all of them were rescued.

Later the mother cat was named Storm. Her kittens were named Hail, Foggy, Misty, Thunder and Rain.

The mother cat was microchipped but the details were not up to date and the rescue company could not find her owner. Soon the cat will be put for adoption. We hope that she will have a bright future.

Thanks to this attentive and caring family the cat does not have to wander in the streets. Humanity still exists and this  story is a proof.

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