A cute video. The 100 years old grandfather becomes close friends with the lovely tiny kitten


Many people like to get clothes, somewhere to travel or something precious for their birthday. Here is a story about an old man who got the most precious present for his birthday.

The grandfather got a cute tinny kitten as a present when he became 100 years old. The sweet kitten was named Bloom. She gave a new brand to the old man’s life.

He got much poitiveness and a best friend. They likes to spend all the time together. They even napped together after playing all day.

Manuel and Bloom became inseperable friends. They fell in love with each other at the first sight. The kitten is very attentive to the old man.

The kitten follows the man wherever he goes. The grandaughter of Manuel even says that the cat has given another 100 years of life to the grandpa.

Their special bond is very emotional and impressive. The grandaughter captured the scene and downloaded in the social media.

This video attracted many people’s attention. The grandfather got much joy even when the kitten tries to mischief the grandpa by stealing the cards.

Here is the cuteness:

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