A sweet video. A beautiful bird with the vivid crest is like a candy corn


The Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo is a wonderful bird. These Cockatoos are rather unique having a very sweet appearance. Their crest is like a candy corn and it is very vivid.

The bird is medium-seized. This cockatoo is called also a pink cockatoo. The cockatoo is called so because of pink and white colour. The bird has a large size.

The cockatoo is beautiful as it has red and bright yellow crest. There are differnces of eye colour between a female and male birds.

The female has pink or red eyes. The male has dark brown eyes. They do not fly high and fly very short distance and have a rest during the flight.

The birds mate either in August and October. These cockatoos eat seeds , exotic melons and cereal grain.

Here is the video:

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