An adorable stray cat sneaks into the police office and chooses a police officer as a family


A cute stray cat came to the police office wanting someone to pet and look after him. The cat was so charming and adorable that the policemen could not just neglect the furry ball.

The lovely cat touched the hearts of the policemen. One of the policemen could not help but take the furry kitten and give him a forever home.

The kitten was fond of sitting on the shoulders of the policemen. He wanted pets and hugs. The cute cat wanted to get much attention from people and to be in the centre of attention.

The black and white coloured cat sneaked into the police office as he wanted to get love and care. The kitten begged for being petted.

The officer wanted to know that the cat had an owner and put the picture of the cat in the social media.

There was no answer the kitten was a stray kitten. The policeman decided to take the insisting kitten to his home. He wanted to look after the cat. The cat was named Kingsley.

The kitten is one of the members of the family and he completed the family. The cat is doing well in the new life.

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