Here is Zoe. A cute cat with a heart shape on her chest


A sweet cat named Zoe is rather famous for her cute appearance. The cat has a heart shape on her chest.

The cat has reached her glory and went viral in the social media. The cute black and white coloured cat has this inborn uniqueness.

At first nobody noticed this. Joanne Smienk wanted to adopt a kitty named Izzy. After this she saw the sweet cat and could not just pass by.

She saw the heart shaped sign on her chest and could not resist. She took the two kittens which lived happily together.

Zoe is shy and lovely. She is very brave and she is not afraid of anything. Her curiousity does not stop her. The cat likes to play hide and seek and get pleasure of this.

The cats have instagram accounts with many followers. They get many comments. The cat is like a symbol of Valentine’s day. She gets many likes especially on this day.

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