A cute footage. Meet Chamallow, the smartest cat who can break free from any cage


Here is a story about an active cat which is named Chamallow. The cute fluffy is famous for its special skill of opening the lock of the cage.

The cat behaves as she is in the “prison” and she is escaping from this cage. A camera captured the scene in the veterinary centre.

The white coloured cat sticks her paws out of the cage and freed herself. Workers lock the cute feline in the cage when they go home.

The workers put a camera as they wanted to know she could escape from the cage. The scene how she learnt to open the lock is so funny.

The cute kitten stole the food of dogs. Even she had her own food and a cat tray but she always was outside of the cage every morning.

The cat has a very quick learning habbit. But the workers have changed the lock so that the cat did not escape.

Here is the cute video:

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