A police officer adopts a kitten after rescueing him from car engine


A tiny kitten was trapped in the car engine. This was a very scary situation for the kitten.

Luckily, the police officers were just in time and could get him out of the engine. At first, it was rather difficult.

The police officer took him out and decided to adopt the cute kitten. The policemen worked very carefully as they did not want to harm the hopeless cat.

The ambulance was also there just in case the kitten was injured. There was no need of the ambulance as the kitten was safe and sound.

It is very inspiring to listen to such stories how the police officers help to get out the animals  stuck in somewhere dangerous.

The police department got praising. The officer who rescued the kitten was touched and impressed by the kitten. After some time  she adopted the little kitten.

The officer whose name is Christine Winter said that she had already rescued kitten named Ella. The new rescued kitten was named Otto.

Thanks to these police officers the kitten is rescued and he lives happily surrounded with care and love. Special thank to Christine who gave a forever home to the kitten. This is really an amazing news.

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