A sweet video. The cute and dramatic dog tries to faint to avoid having his nails trimmed


The cute dog always makes a trouble as he does not want to have his toenails trimmed. The dog behaves in such a way that those see him will believe that he faints.

The dog can not stand this process of toenail trimming. He is very troublesome at this time.

The precious Pit bull makes it dramatic. He pretends that he faints so that nobody trims his nails. There is little chance to convince the cute puppy.

When the dog sees his owner comes with nail clippers he performes an Oscar acting. The scene is so funny. The dog falls on his back and pretends that he faints.

This performance of the dog is the best that you have ever seen. He wants anything but not his nail to be trimmed. He even opens his eyes not miss anything.

Here is the video:

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