The cute and tiny puppy which was moments away from death is living a beautiful life now


When somebody saw a little puppy in a horrible state, he rang up the emergency service.

The dog was taken by the emergency. As the dog felt warmth and saftey he fell asleep. The dog was very tired and weak.

The dog was a real fighter for his life. The dog was taken to an urgent health care centre for the proper treatment. The dog was given anesthesia medication and antibiotics.

When the dog became stronger, he started to eat properly. Everybody who saw him fell in love with the dog. The vets and volunteers did everything possible to cure him and find a forever home for the puppy.

The puppy lives lively and happily now. He was on the edge of death once, but thanks to kind people he is alive. His life really changed for the better.

Thanks to these rescuers many lives are saved. Thanks to them these stray puppies have a beautiful life full of joy.

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