A dog who waited in the shelter for nearly five years finally found a forever home


Dogs in the shelter can be adopted very soon or very late. It is because of their fate and none of the dogs knows when he will be taken and have a forever home.

A dog has been in the shelter for already five months. The dog was a good girl in the shelter. It has become a challenge to find a forever home for the dog.

The dog is a Pit bull mix. She was named Baby girl. The dog was brought to the Capital Humane Society in 2017. The dog was a bit shy surrounded with people.

She loved to be petted. She also likes when she is in the centre of attention. She likes to listen how adorable she is.

The whole staff adores the cute dog. Finally, a big day came to them and th edog was adopted. They called this day a “Gotcha Day”.

The dog has been thriving and she likes when somebody touches his belly. She loves attention. The dog likes to walk or to be outside. The owner of the dog thanked the staff of the shelter for the good care of the dog.

It is very difficult for the staff that the dog is away from them. They got used to her presence. They hope that she will have a great future in the family.

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