Meet Zara and Gia. The unlikely besties who make up the cutest “girl band” ever


There are friendships that show that the two friends are inseperable. The friendship between dogs and their owners is very tight.

The dog named Zara is a rottweiler which is  best friends with girl whose name is Gia. They have known each other since birth.

The dog and the girl are always together. The mother of the girl describes them as “two peas in a pod”.

Zara is a very lovely dog and share everything with the girl Gia. When the girl began to eat solid food and walk their bond developed.

The dog has had a true love towards the girl since she was a baby. It was as if the dog understood that she should protect the girl. The mother even says that they have grown up as sisters.

The family likes to spend their time in the garden. They live in Africa. The girl got a present a microphone. As the girl got the microphone she started to sing loudly.

The dog Zara also joined and their duo of singing became very hillarious. The dog howls as the girl starts to sing. They are so funny together.

Their mother downloaded thei video and they became rather famous. They have an instagram account with 28,000 followers. The duo is like “pop influencers”.

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