A heart melting footage about baby monkey’s care for five baby ducklings


A cute monkey looks after five ducklings. She does this with much love and care. It is obvious that this video will make your day brighter.

The unique relationship between these two different types of animals is very exceptional.

This footage is about 8 minutes and the footage will melt your heart. Even a person with a tough heart will start to smile.

The smile on your face is guaranteed. These sweet animals are in good actions. The footage starts with affection and kindness.

The ducklings like to pet the fur of the monkey. This makes the monkey feel comfortable and happy. The monkey hugs the ducklings tightly and does not want to leave them.

When it is the time of their eating. The monkey drinks a bottle of milk and the ducklings eat rice. They are so content with their life.

The monkey mom is a protector for the ducklings. She does everything to protect them.

Here is the footage which will give you positive vibes:

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