A lost senior dog was adopted by the police as they could not find his owner


In March a dog was found wandering in the streets. The Kirtland Authorities Department rescued the dog in the street.

The dog was a senior Pit bull. He looked lost and desperate. The eyes of the dog show how upset he is.

The department downloaded the picture of the dog having a great hope to find the owner of the dog. This went useless as nobody became interested in the dog.

The Kirtland Authorities Department staff decided to adopt the dog. They named the dog JD. JD. means John Doe. Both the Mayor and Chief gave their approval.

They tried to find the owner but the owner did not appear or come to pick the dog. The dog is loved and taken care of. The dog is surrounded by people who adore him.

The dog is often taken for a walk in the park. They love the pet and the dog became very active getting all the warmth that he really deserves.

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